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2016 Social Finance Awards


SF Awards 2016 image PNG 350Building a social finance market takes time and effort but, above all, it takes visionary leadership. To recognize these individuals and inspire others to follow them, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing has created the Social Finance Awards.

Applications are now open for these exciting awards, which will be presented during a ceremony at the Social Finance Forum. The awards are divided into four categories. In three, organizations and individuals can put themselves forward. For the Ewart Newton Award for Social Innovation, you can only nominate someone else.

Applications are now closed. Find out who the winners were.

Ewart Newton Award for Social Innovation

This award recognizes a social entrepreneur (who is a not the founder or CEO) within an organization who displays exemplary commitment, achieves positive impact and applies principles or practices of social innovation, social enterprise and/or social finance. It is awarded jointly by JUMP Math and MaRS.

This award is named for Ewart Newton, who was Vice-President of Development at JUMP Math, an innovative charitable organization and social enterprise dedicated to helping teachers and students achieve their potential through evidence-based programming. Ewart was extraordinarily dedicated to the empowerment and education of youth. He achieved much, but without headlines or heroics. It is men and women like Ewart Newton who power social innovation within their organizations, sectors and communities. 

Excellence in Mission Investing

A key recommendation from the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance’s landmark report on building a social finance marketplace was that charitable foundations should put at least 10 per cent of their capital in mission-related investments by 2020. The Excellence in Mission Investing award will be presented to a Canadian foundation that has demonstrated a firm commitment to achieving this aim. We encourage all foundations that have made progress in reaching the target to apply.

Impact Investor of the Year

The Impact Investor of the Year award will be presented to a Canadian organization or initiative that has created – or demonstrated a strong potential to create – positive social or environmental impact through direct investment. The investments must be into an impact venture, fund or project.


Social Enterprise of the Year

This will be presented to a Canadian incorporated for-profit, not-for-profit or cooperative organization that  combines business excellence with positive social or environmental impact and a financial return. Eligible enterprises are those that have been in operation for at least one year, have existing revenues or customers, and are able to demonstrate measurable impact in their target areas.